When I was a kid, my three R’s were Reading, Writing, and Computing. My earliest memories of books were laying out my father’s 40-volume Yale Shakespeare on the floor to make roads for my miniature cars. My first computer was a TI 99/4A with which I learned BASIC, assembly, FORTH, and a smattering of Pascal.

While in high school, I was fortunate enough to participate in an independent study/mentorship program. This exposed me to MS-DOS, UNIX (Sun and Convex), and VMS at the same time while programming in Fortran and C. Of the three operating systems, UNIX fit me the best. I’ve preferred UNIX variants ever since. Today, I tend to use OS X and Ubuntu.

Sometimes, I’m asked how I ended up in digital humanities. I never had the field in mind as a destination. I sought out opportunities that fit what I enjoyed, namely combining the three R’s of my childhood.

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You can find my code on CPAN as well as GitHub.

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