Donne transcriptions are getting closer

The Donne project has a special markup language for their transcriptions.  I’ve created a Radiant filter that can transform it into HTML for viewing.  This afternoon, I was able to change the parser in the filter from producing HTML to producing a data structure that I can manipulate in the Fabulator engine.

Combining the Donne document function with the Radiant page access from this morning, I can run the following expression and get a comma separated list of line numbers in the transcription (assuming the transcription is in the ‘body’ part of the /manuscripts/h06/1 page):

f:string-join(donne:document(radiant::/manuscripts/h06/1/@body)/*/@line, ‘, ‘)

If all of the pages in the H06 manuscript were children of the H06 page, then I would be able to loop over each page and do something with each of the lines.  The next step in working with the text on a line-by-line or word-by-word basis is to produce the concordance data, but before that, I’ll be working on a Javascript viewer application that lets you page through the manuscript with the transcription linked to the scanned image.