Annotating Data

I just checked in some changes that show ‘with’ working, at least to some degree. More use cases will help flesh it out.

The ‘with’ keyword in expressions is used to add information to nodes without changing which nodes are being returned by an expression. This is useful for annotating data while passing the data on to another function for further processing. In the context of concordances, this means we can annotate the words and then pass the list of words on to a function that combines the lists into a larger list. This lets us break the concordance process up into smaller steps that can work on a particular line or page of a manuscript. We can attach information to each word as to which line or page it was found on and then retain that information as we combine concordances of pages into concordances of manuscripts.

This lets us do the following:

That should (hopefully) build the concordance data for a particular manuscript (given as the URL in $manuscript). Note that the c:concordance function only compiles a list of word frequencies for the given text. There’s not a lot of other magic going on.