Radiant 0.9.0

The new version of Radiant was released a week or so ago while I was in Los Angeles. It is the version of Radiant that I have been targeting with the Fabulator extension.

This version of Radiant allows extensions to be loaded from gems, so I plan on releasing the entire set of Fabulator libraries and extensions as gems over the next few weeks. They will be early versions (0.0.x) and somewhat incomplete (some of the functions in the core namespace aren’t implemented), but they should install as gems. This will make installation and updating much easier.

I’m already managing several websites built on the fabulator system. Right now, I have the extensions and gems in the vendor/extensions and vendor/plugins directories for each site. My own life will be made much easier by having the extensions and libraries installed as gems so that I don’t have to update several git clones for each site every time I have an update.

I expect the 0.0.x versions of the gems to be updated fairly often. We’re still going through quite a bit of debugging and development. But now with the gems, updating to the new versions will be trivial.

I’ll post here when the gems are published.