Ruby Gems Galore

We have gems falling out all over the place. There are still a couple of minor hiccups, but for the most part, these should work now.

In your Radiant config/environment.rb, you can use the following at the bottom to include the Fabulator extension as well as the Exhibit extension to Fabulator:

I’m not sure if that is all that is required to install the gems — I installed them by calling ‘gem install’ manually — but once they are installed, that’s all you need for them to be available in Radiant.

You will want to run something like the following to get the database up to speed:

You can leave off the ‘production’ word if you are wanting to use your development database instead.

The following gems are available now:

  • fabulator - the core state machine and expression engine
  • fabulator-exhibit - the language extensions for managing Exhibit databases
  • fabulator-xml - language extensions for managing XML documents
  • radiant-fabulator-extension - ties the Fabulator engine into Radiant
  • radiant-fabulator_exhibit-extension - ties the Exhibit extension into Radiant

The current fabulator-exhibit gem doesn’t record the dependence on the uuid gem. That should be corrected in the next push.