Moving Towards Stability

I’ve been working with a rapid release cycle, but I think we’re getting close to a stable core that can support new work soon.

The current list of Ruby gems:

  • fabulator 0.0.5
  • fabulator-exhibit 0.0.2
  • fabulator-grammar 0.0.1
  • fabulator-xml 0.0.3
  • radiant-fabulator-extension 0.0.3
  • radiant-fabulator_exhibit-extension 0.0.1

With this set, you can make a mistake in the XML defining an application and Radiant will report a validation error and give you an opportunity to edit the page again. Before, it would just throw an error and give you an otherwise blank page with no options other than hitting the back button.

Predicates should be a bit more DWIMy (Do What I Mean). If the expression evaluates to a number, then it will be a match against the position in the set. If it’s a string, then it will be true if non-blank. If it’s boolean, then it’s just boolean. The f:position(), f:first(), and f:last() functions should now work in predicates. We will be working to extend it to other iterative contexts.

The next week or two should be continued bug fixes as we come to the close of the project season and launch into the next. We’ll post more later on what might come starting in September.

We’re also working on developing some web-based resources that will explain how to use all of these libraries to build a project site.