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There's Something Odd About Emma

Part of the LHC at CERN, an experimental endeavor
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During the first week of March, a group of humanities scholars and developers gathered in the bowels of the McKeldin library on the University of Maryland campus.  You can see the website that talks about the results on the MITH website.  We held Corpora Camp to test some ideas on distributed humanities computing that will eventually feed into the next phase of Project Bamboo. The result is an application for exploring texts called “woodchipper.”

While most of my focus is on the architecture, I want to explore what we’re beginning to enable.  If you have experience with Scrivener and Mathematica, then you have some idea of where I’m headed.  I won’t flesh everything out here.  That will have to wait for my Digital Dialogues talk at the end of April titled, “Player Piano: Mechanizing the Humanities.”

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