Deminted Lady

So this is a cocktail recipe based on one called the "verdant lady" but with the mint removed.

I don't like chartreuse by itself. But I figured I'd see what it was like mixed with other things. A lot of things that aren't too good by themselves lend a hand in creating a great flavor profile. A great example is fish sauce. Pungent and repulsive on its own, it adds a great amount of umami to otherwise flat sauces and dishes.

This cocktail is pretty strong. Feel free to cut back on the gin if you want to have a few and still be standing, especially if you aren't eating anything.

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Stiff Mojito

I've always enjoyed a mojito. The refreshing combination of rum, mint, and lime juice isn't too sweet or too sour. But I don't look forward to the muddling. I prefer mixing a few things together, perhaps shaking a bit, and then enjoying the results.

One day, I had a handful of fresh mint on hand so I decided to make simple syrup and infuse it with the mint. No muddling would be required. This was simple enough: make the simple syrup and add the mint as the sugar dissolves, let it steep until the syrup has captured much of the mint essence (about 15 minutes), and finally, strain out the mint.

I didn't have any soda, so I combined everything in a mojito and left it out. The result was a nice sipping cocktail.

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