Of Fish and Dreams

I've given the novel I'm writing for my thesis the working title, Of Fish and Swimming Swords. I don't have names for the second or third novel yet, but ideas are beginning to come together. They'll complete the arc begun in the thesis.The last two nights, I've woken with farely vivid dreams. Dreams aren't useful in their raw state. If you actually transcribe a dream, it won't make much sense because dream logic isn't sufficiently realistic. But dreams can provide interesting settings and plot pointers. That's what these two dreams have done.

Now, I have two different threads that I can explore in the second novel. Two different mind sets. Two different civilizations that happen to live together.

I'm not spending too much time putting the second or third novels together right now. I'm half way through the first and want to finish it before I begin the second. I want to have enough preparation though by time I finish the first that I can begin the second without too much of a gap. Otherwise, I will get lazy and it will be difficult to pick up the pen again.

Now that I'm half way, I can consider podcasting a few chapters knowing that the final book won't change so much that the podcasts will be of a completely different creature than what might get published. I'll aim at getting a chapter every week or so, at least for the first few chapters. If I find a publisher and they are comfortable with a complete podcast (similar to what Cory Doctorow does), then I will put the complete book up on this site.