I Believe

I believe that Black lives matter.

I believe that as a White, middle class American, I am tone deaf despite my best intentions.

I believe that it's better to make mistakes and to learn from them than to stand by and not use my privilege to improve the world around me.

I believe that police should be under civilian control.

I believe that budgets are about priorities.

I believe that when police departments are a larger budget item than social services, it's because force is more important than lives.

I believe that unions are good while also a symptom of poor management.

I believe that no one should force or coerce prisoners to provide cheap labor.

I believe that many people, especially those of color, are denied good representation in our justice system.

I believe that the political nature of prosecution conflicts with the goal of justice.

I believe a living wage is the smallest viable wage, but not a sufficient wage. A living wage does not provide for retirement.

I believe that Twitter, Facebook, and other soundbite social media are a scourge on our society. They discourage thoughtful, long-form discussion.

I believe that civil discourse is a tool for oppression when used to avoid listening.

These are a few of the things that I believe now regardless of what I've believed before or what I might believe in the future.

Now, I will write more on this blog and read other blogs rather than use Twitter or Facebook.

Now, I am writing personal letters to my friends rather than relying on social media. Thoughtfulness is better than gut reactions.

Now, I am choosing to buy the right thing from the right place for the right price. I will not try to buy the cheapest thing from the cheapest place for the cheapest price. When companies compete only on price, everyone loses.

Now, I will start weaning myself off of companies that use prison labor.

Now, I continue not to support police whose unions work against civilian control or oversight of police.

Now, I am reading and listening. I am trying to learn everything I can.