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The Editing Process

I'm almost half way to my goal of 150,000 words for my next novel. Given how it's paced so far, I might need to aim for 200,000. However long the first draft ends up being, I intend to cut 20%. Hopefully, I'll cut the worst 20%, leaving a fairly decent 80%.

I'm a process kind of guy. If I know that I'll get to something later because of the process I'm going through, then I won't worry about it now. I'm this way when I program, and I'm this way when I write. Processes can make it easier to get around the tendency to overlook things that we're already familiar with. 

I'm planning on a twelve step process for editing based on the chapters in Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. The book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to try their hand at editing their manuscript. You still might want to pass your work by someone else, but going through Self-Editing will make subsequent edits less painful.

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